Rental Application from @realty Cloud

Rental Applications are accessible to All agent Users regardless of whether the Agent is operating their Own Rent Roll or set up as an @realty Property Manager.

Rental Application Link

Users can provide potential tenants with a link to apply for properties that are advertised for lease.

To do this the User will need to create a For Lease Residential Listing Record, then click on the Applicants tab. There will be a button that will open the Application screen, or the User can click on the Copy link button.

The User can also create an email or SMS template with the Rental Application Merge field

When the User is creating the Residential For Lease listing record, the link will be automatically inserted in the Application Link field.

How to Apply

Apply Buttons on Websites

The rental application link will display on the website on the listing page.

It will also display on the agent’s website if @realty has built the website.

Enquiry Action Plan

There is also an Action Plan template that will send an email to enquiries that contains the Application Link.

Rental Application Landing Page

Also, there is a Rental Application Landing Page that contains all of the User’s currently active rental listings.

Either the landing page of the listing specific application link can be turned into QR codes and printed and displayed on the counter at open for inspections.

Rental Application QR Codes

The User can download a property specific QR codes from the Applicants tab in the Listing Record.

Listing Description Instructions

When the User creates a RESIDENTIAL FOR LEASE listing, the following message will automatically be inserted in the description of the ad:


It's important to register your interest in any upcoming and advertised open homes or inspections. Failing to register may result in not being informed of any unforeseen or unplanned changes to inspection times. To register (or apply) for this property please click on the get in touch button and send your details to our agency. You'll receive an email back with instructions on how to register and apply via our website and booking service.

We do NOT accept 1Form, Ignite, 2Apply or any other online type of tenancy application form. You must apply using the the provided application link sent to you once you enquire.

It is an agency and owner policy that each person over the age of 18yrs old wishing to live at the property is required to apply and provide identification and supporting documents.

To inspect this property, you will be required to provide the agent onsite with your name, best contact number and email address. Failing to provide this information for security and safety reasons may result in being refused entry.

Rental Application

Applicant’s Experience:

Joint Applicant’s Experience:

Rental Referee’s Experience:

Employment Referee’s Experience:

Application Completion

When the application is complete, the Agent will receive an email. If it is a Joint Application, the email will send when Both applicants have completed the application.

Re-send Joint Application Request

If the joint-applicant does not receive the initial Joint Application request, the User can resend the request by viewing the application and clicking on Re-send Application Invite.


Re-send Reference Requests

If the User needs to re-send the residential or employment reference request, they can do so my clicking the email icon next to reference or by clicking the link icon to copy the link and send themselves.

These icons will not display if the reference has been provided.

The Privacy Consent form can be found in the completed application in the Residential History and Employment sections.



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